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How to start Digital Marketing as a Career – (Ultimate guide: 2021+ free demo)

Table content:
• Why Digital Marketing is important
• Features and prospects of Digital Marketing
How to start Digital Marketing as Career
-Digital Marketing is the present and future, period. (Prospects)
-Top career paths in Digital Marketing in India
• Job opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing
• Top-performing Digital Marketing sectors during and post-pandemic
• 10 things that you must do right now to start your Digital Marketing career
• Why certification is recommended
• How to start a Digital Marketing career

Why Digital Marketing is important?

Digital Marketing is a fast-evolving marketing best-practice that every business is adopting for their market sustenance and higher conversion. “Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing- which one is better?” this has been an age-old battle now. There is much hype about the increasing popularity of Digital Marketing. Let’s take a look then How to start Digital Marketing as a career. Similarly, a career in Digital Marketing has gained a growing marketing appetite. People come to us seeking information about Why Digital Marketing is important as a career these days. Our endeavor always has been to enlighten them with the genuine resource and prospects that the market has been offering to certified Digital Marketers.

Features and prospects of Digital Marketing

All you have to have is a steady internet connection, smartphone, computer to execute Digital Marketing best practices. Let’s tell you first that Digital Marketing envelopes many aspects and each of these aspects can be chosen as an individual career option. Digital Marketing refers to a complete package containing Content Marketing, Website design and development, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Automated Marketing, Multi-channel analytics, trendy campaigns etc. Thus, to master all these sectors you have to join a reputed Digital Marketing training institute for sure.

Might be wondering how to start Digital Marketing as a career?
When it comes to in-trend courses like Digital Marketing, people tend to learn online mostly in these days. As a leading Digital Marketing training institute in Bhubaneswar, we would definitely want to have some value addition here. Hands-on learning has no parallel. As Digital Marketing involves many tools integration, learning the application under an expert prepares you better to achieve greater results in future.

Digital Marketing is the present and future, period.

Google suggests that by the end of 2025, India will have 970 million internet users existing. Accordingly the industry will witness tremendous boom all around. If you want to expand your business and reach out to an enlarged new audience base you must adopt Digital Marketing at the very blooming age of your business. With the right strategy and incorporation of new hacks you can easily shoot stars.

These are the reasons why Digital Marketing is important for your business and career presently. Nothing is more effective than getting trained in Digital Marketing as it can give you the liberty to work from anywhere you are comfortable in. Why are you wasting your time? Make a smart move to get your earning rolling with a formal training in Digital Marketing.
Businesses have finally identified the apt platform to channelize their service offerings. Spending on digital channels has increased post pandemic hit and it is likely to grow YoY. Brands have discovered why Digital Marketing is important and its advantage over traditional Marketing. There is no place for logical guesses as the higher ROI than the invested ones is self-explanatory.

As a leading digital marketing training institute in Bhubaneswar we would suggest that the tactical practice would be starting up implementing digital strategy at the very blooming age of business. Since the best practices and hacks have been evolving very fast since the inception recognizing the subject from its roots is always beneficial. As end of the day you will only consider the results and the revenue. And the best part is you can track the progress of your growth against investment.

Considering the current situation building a career in Digital Marketing would be the ideal choice to start your earning from the early days. Learning something from the scratches up to the pro level has its own significance. More than anything if an aspirant is looking for uniqueness and variety they should go for Digital Marketing. Besides learning Digital Marketing would open a wider horizon of career opportunities.

I“There’s a problem with the word ‘social’. Social is not just Twitter, FB, etc. Social is a language.”– Andrew Grill

Top career paths in Digital Marketing in India
If you are looking for the guideline about how to start Digital Marketing career and the benefits of learning Digital Marketing, you have arrived to the right place. If you are new to this field you must know that there are 13 individual career options that you can opt in with a career in Digital Marketing.

1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager is liable to execute the entire SEO, SMM, and database of the entire web action. These people navigate the entire strategy of marketing and responsibly channelize them across all platforms to return revenue to clients. The average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager ranges between 8-10 lakhs per annum.

2. Search Engine Optimizer

Search Engine Optimizer brings traffic to your website. They help your website get higher ranking on search engines. SEO is a lengthy and integral part of Digital Marketing. A Digital Marketer can build an individual career in SEO sector with lucrative package anywhere. A Search Engine Optimizer earns up to 45k in a month in India.

3. Social Media Marketer

Social Media Marketer sees social media growth and brand awareness across top-performing global platforms. From strategy planning to lead generation the person is liable to handle the entire interaction and conversion through social media handles of brands. A Social Media Manager is ideally the best person to know the best uses of market available latest tools and hacks over social media platforms. The approx. salary of a Social Media Marketer is around 5 lakhs in a year.

4. Content Marketer

Here comes the key parameter where they say that the ‘content is the king’. Without relevant and interactive content you can’t move an inch over anywhere virtually. It’s the content that reaches out to the audience and makes them attracted to a website or a campaign. With 3 years of experience in this field Content Marketer earns 2-4 lakhs in India per annum.

5. E-mail Marketer

Many people think that email marketing is a long lost marketing practice and it doesn’t hold that significance spot in modern marketing strategies. As per MailChimp, the average open-rate across all industries is around 21.8%. Usually, 2% to 5% is seen as a good email conversion rate. Thus, there is a pivotal role of an email marketer is clearly seen from the above stats. For targeting and retaining customers emails play a crucial part. Ideally the standard salary of an email marketing manager’s salary is 5.2 lakhs yearly.

6. AR-VR Developer

With every passing day things are getting updated technically and public demand is scaling up from a brand in tandem. Customers are seeking a bit more from every brand exits. Since AR-VR have come to play Video content creators have to either evolve or extinct in a way. Rather than conventional content writers companies are in demand of AR-VR developers. Standard pay-scale of AR-VR developers would be around 6 lakhs per year.

7. SEO Specialist for Voice Assistant

Optimizing voice search is one of the key growth indicators for business in the recent time. As people mostly voice search their queries instead of typing something on the search bar. Smart speakers and virtual assistants viz. Alexa, Home and Siri have become prolific of late. Think with Google says, 27% of the total population worldwide now use mobile voice search. The key job of a SEO specialist is to navigate your voice search towards the exact landing page of the website for a faster check out. Their gross salary is 4.3 lakhs in a year.

8. Video Production for Social Media Platforms

Experts suggest that videos across several social media platforms singlehandedly increase the conversion rate by 80% than that of static posts. Marketers should keep a significant amount of ad budget aside for video promotion. Video content creators have to be real-time solution providers to grab interested eyeballs. Video content developers mostly work as freelancers and based on the content that they develop, their market demand goes up and down.

9. Automation Expert

Hootsuite , Social Pilot, Buzzsumo, Buffer, Sprout Social there are multiple tools are there available in the market for social media automation. There are multiple features of these apps that an expert can use to run smooth all the campaigns across various platforms at the same time. An automation expert’s income would be around 3-7 lakhs yearly.

10. Data Analyst

A Data Analyst is someone who collects your data online and communicate the marketing department for future communication to convert. These people are the gatekeepers of organizations as they safeguard the data derived from multiple online channels. A Data Analyst earns 5 lakhs per year with 2 years of industry experience. As the years pass by the income gradually scales up to 9 lakhs yearly.

11. PPC Specialist

Given the current market situation without paid ads converting organically is a bit tough nut to crack. Hiring a PPC specialist would timely update you with the on-going ad strategy, design, implementation, SEO, and ad performance. None other than a PPC specialist can guide you on-point regarding lead filtration. The annual remuneration of a PPT Specialist is approx. 2.85- 3 lakhs in a year.

12. Web Developer

Website is the chief instruments that your business needs like anything to have an online identity. They can decide how to showcase your business online and to secure it with handpicked plugins. Programming a website is no joke. It determines the look, feel, and navigation of your business website. With a unique scripting language they make your website better than competitors’. From CRM to blog performance- these people spend a whole lot of time to construct a result-driven website for your business. Annual salary of a web developer is around 4- 32 LPA based on the industry experience and expertise.

Did you know how many job opportunities are there in the Digital Marketing field?

You won’t believe that there are approx. 22,000 Digital Marketing job opportunities on job portals on a daily basis.

This clearly proves that jobs are pumping into the sector given the market condition is not so job-friendly post-pandemic situation. During the lockdown where every business sector was almost physically closed, it is the digital media that came in rescue. Till now most of the global players like TCS, Wipro, Accenture etc. are letting people work from home.

Since work for home has evolved as the newest work culture and businesses are promoting products online. People are 24/7 online and leading quite a digital life. A survey shows that 73% of companies have reported an increase in demand for their product, a statistic that reflects the worldwide migration to digital life.

These statistics indicate that the mounting popularity of Digital Marketing hasn’t happened overnight. The daily search volume over Google on how to start Digital Marketing as career stands About 28, 20, 00,000 in just 0.69 seconds.

Which Digital Marketing traits got much hype during and after pandemic?

Pandemic hit was not something that the industry has never witnessed before. The lockdown all over the world posed huge challenges over the entire operating system. Companies couldn’t sustain this jolt that hadn’t pushed the gear for a digital shift. There was a downslide in generating leads has been continuously impacting sales and revenue generation.
Companies had to think of an alternative way to pull up the temporary losses incurred. Since the pandemic outbreak till now, by far market players have well understood why Digital Marketing is important.
By far 95% of the respondents have improvised their marketing tactics.
Three attributes of Digital Marketing has received humongous popularity-
New technology and strategy adoption
Remote working
Video conferences
Companies are hiring Digital Marketing professionals at large contemplating the current and upcoming market scenario. The digital landscape is higher consumption with every passing day.

10 things that you must do right now to start your Digital Marketing career

1. An active online presence
2. Keeping updated about latest trends
3. Honing creative ideas
4. Create a winning CV
5. Build your network
6. Get a clear concept about Analytics
7. Earn industry experience
8. Never give up attitude
9. Get certified from a trusted institution
10. Up for entry-level jobs

Being a leading Digital Marketing training institute in Bhubaneswar Nextgen Marketing School would forever recommend that you must get certified to build your industry worth.

1. Be online-

As per the latest update of Statista there 2895 million active accounts only on Facebook.
Taking business online is the key to sustain given the present market standard. Again, just to have a profile is not enough unless you make it interactive and informative through reaching out to your kind of audience. That is how you can remain connected with your target audience.

2. Trends are important-

Utilize modern trends to keep your business page more engaging. Connect your brand with the latest trend to make your audience glued to your page. You can float your offers and discounts according to that specific occasion. An interactive page can score higher audience visit and retention.

3. Creative influence is a must need-

Creativity is an essential ingredient for branding and business promotion. When your creative strategy is in sync with the buyers’ requirement, you hit the jackpot right there.
An engaging CV speaks to the HR- Gone are those days when a company HR used to look for your academic qualification and personal details in the CV. That doesn’t mean that the requirement is no longer there; of course those are there, but the preface has changed a lot. Visual appeal along with the information and relevant content make a CV perfect.

4. Network building matters-

Connecting with your senior fellows can be really beneficial from a fresher point of view. Building network over virtual professional platforms can easily get your profile good reviews and recommendations. Also, discussing with fellow marketers will enhance your knowledge and fix your problems when get stuck.

5.In-depth knowledge of Analytics-

To let ads perform it’s important to know tit-bit of Analytics. Without a proper knowledge of Analytics you won’t be able to fix the loopholes and set your ad performing at its best. Google and social media platforms have different algorithm and metrics. Mastering them all would make you a tale turner for sure.

6. Experience is the key-

The more experience you have the higher remuneration you draw. Yes, it is that simple. With a greater experience you will gradually gain the best know-how of assessing and solving any problem real-time. Your yearly package would also climb up with the years of experience that you add to your CV.

7. Failure leads to success-

Things appear critical at the beginning. You will be in awe to know the fact that even big shots have to go through blunders. So, if you are wondering how start your Digital Marketing career, you must know that the paths of failure lead to success. Unless you make mistakes, you can’t reach the root cause of the problem that you are facing.

8. Industry certification has significant importance-

Before you enter any industry as a professional Digital Marketer; they would definitely seek for your certifications on the same. Without valid certification no one would trust on your credibility even if you have it a bag full of. Learn Digital Marketing from the best Digital Marketing institute in Bhubaneswar. We will train you to earn the top industry certifications effortlessly.

9. Entry-level jobs are good to start with-

To stretch your footstep into the market, opt for an entry-level job to start your career. Learning the application of the latest hacks and tools on live projects from seniors will help you acquire the best knowledge and trigger the risk taking ability in amalgam.

Why earn certificate in Digital Marketing when there are free resources online?

It’s been a common human trait to search for alternatives over internet that are either free or cost-effective. Always remember while searching how to start Digital Marketing as a career, the first thing you should do is to search for the best institutions that are accessible to you.Getting certification in specific domain of Digital Marketing will build your creditability and market value. This is your professional degree. So, you must need a validation attesting the same. With every passing day social media users are increasing in numbers. From shopping to banking everything is possible online. Online market is open for anyone whether investor or buyer.

A certified Digital Marketer is the need of the moment. Every industry has stable job reserved for Digital Marketing professionals. Thus, certification in Digital Marketing is the first thing aspirants should go for in the first place.
Let’s come to the point straightway.
How to start Digital Marketing career?
Before anything else check out the best-performing Digital Marketing training institutes nearby. For example- if you live in Bhubaneswar, search for Best Digital Marketing Institute in Bhubaneswar.Visit the place and have a detailed conversation before admission.
Digital Marketing is an umbrella term. There are plenty of subjects that come under it viz. SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC, Analytics, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and others. A specialty in just one domain can set your career right on the track.
You know what is the best past part amongst these? A certification program in Digital Marketing is a time-bound, short-term course which can actually get you a profitable deal indeed. Digital Marketing demands you to be creative and tech-minded.
Since the algorithms of Digital platforms keep on changing on a regular basis, learning latest methods of Digital Marketing has no end. Digital Marketers who update themselves with every single industry update have strong chance to climb the success ladder faster than competitors.
It is seen that the average social media usage by an internet user has amounted to 145 million to 142 worldwide.
There is a huge prospect for Digital Marketing in the coming years and it is here to stay in the long run as well.
For any individual learning Digital Marketing is the best and easiest way to start a career. It is essential for a Digital Marketing professional to know all the best practices to build an appreciable portfolio as per the present industry standard.
An average salary of the Digital Marketing manager is 5-10 lakhs and social media managers can earn up to 6-8 lakhs per annum.
If the pay scale seems attractive to you let us tell you how you can start a career in Digital Marketing in Bhubaneswar.
It is like you have to join a military training academy to join the force; similarly you have to enroll in a Digital Marketing training institute in Bhubaneswar to learn Digital Marketing.
The trick is to choose the best one to avail the best available hacks and techniques in the market.

Below are the points that you should remember before choosing the best Digital Marketing Institute in Bhubaneswar –
Updated course modules-
Digital Marketing is subject to market updates. A major part of the subject involves practical exposure. Naturally live projects incorporation and hands-on training are very important parameters here to consider. Make sure you make a note of these two important things.
Trained faculty-
Faculties are the best people to guide you how to start Digital Marketing as career. Make sure that you get to learn from industry experts burning their fingers in this field for years. These people have been continuously updating themselves with latest trends and hacks.
Placement support-
Choosing the best Digital Marketing training school ascertains your placement guarantee. Also, they extend their support to your online business development and step-by-step promotional growth.
Exam preparation-
There are recognized certification programs (Google, Hubspot, Facebook etc.) which would add your market worth. Qualifying these exams demand preparation under expert monitoring. Join the best DigitalMarketing training institute in Bhubaneswar-Nextgen Marketing School. We help you prepare and scorethese exams.
Online/offline classroom session-
Most of these leading training schools are currently offering online and offline classroom session considering the pandemic situation. Though technical boom has gone to the next level, still, learning something new in person has its own benefits. It gets you an over-all enraged vision on how to start Digital Marketing and its advanced applications.
Move forward. Staying ahead of the Digital game will pay you off in many ways. As a professional Digital Marketer you can join a company or you can set-up your own start-up. With a flexible learning process the course becomes easily accessible for all. Start learning from scratches today; becoming a pro is just a matter of time.

Join Nextgen Marketing School to learn advanced Digital Marketing tactics and modus operandi from best of the industry veterans. Make your mark in the industry tomorrow.
Good luck!
For further assistance and suggestions leave your queries and invaluable words in the comment section.

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